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About Kumo x World

Welcome to Kumo’s world where you can become an explorer and wander through the world of Kumo. The lands are unexplored and the residents living there are waiting to be discovered. Let your imagination run free and meet other explorers during live expeditions where you will work as a team and solve challenges in order to proceed. Kumo’s world is fun and interactive, where explorers can influence the story of Kumo’s world. Expect the unexpected.

Kumo Residents

Residents live in Kumo’s world in their respective habitat/area. Each have their own specialties and traits. There are 9 classes and during each expedition, one of these will be revealed.


These are spiritual monkeys found in the emerald forest. They can speak the human language and are often found climbing the trees and stealing apples. Not many people have met these spiritual creatures so information about them are very limited.


Harajuku are human residents who love all things cute and colourful. They all have a peculiar yet eye-popping sense of fashion.


These residents live in Foodie town where food IS life. They only serve food using the best ingredients they can find. Food festivals are hosted by the residents annually and residents all over Kumo World visit for this major event.


Creative residents are most known for their imagination and bringing them to life. They can make almost anything that they put their mind into. Some of the kindest residents in Kumo's world can be found in Creative town.


These warriors are protectors of evil in the human world. They live in the Misty Mountain Temple hidden from the public eye and train hard with their master, a powerful half oni, half human Ninja.

Sea Creatures

The Sea Creatures may look terrifying in appearance, but they're actually very sweet and gentle (like all the other residents in Kumo's World!). When the explorers first met them, they were stuck in a violent storm. How will the explorers help them get out?


The Undead were in a deep and long slumber before a young oni woke them up. They lived in the Ethereal Lands, within the Andeddo Forest. Their three rulers are: KRa, KumAnubis, and Kastet. Along with the onis, the undead also helped in protecting the Ethereal Lands. Rumor has it that if one trains near their temple, one will gain immense power.


The onis live in the Ethereal Lands--an island far out in the sea, surrounded by a golden magical barrier that's passable only to those who hold the golden amulet of the Deities. They adhere to a certain code--the way of the oni which is to live life with Strength, Spirit, and Style. The onis are considered to be the gatekeepers to the land of the Deities. Participate in their annual festival and you might be given a chance to have an audience with the deities themselves.


The deities reside above 0N1 Town, accessible only to the ones who managed to prove themselves worthy. They keep watch over all of Kumo’s World, making sure that each resident lives according to the virtues of that Kumo upholds.

Kumo Team

We are currently only a small team of 7.


The Gatekeeper. Kumo is the artist and creator of Kumo x World. She loves to explore her creativity with cute drawings. She wants to create a world where everyone who enters can feel at home and feel free to let out their inner child. Be silly, have fun.


The Narrator. A humble scribe from the Ethereal Enclave who wandered too far from home. He eventually ended up in Kumo's World where he helps Kumo in guiding the explorers on their fun expeditions.


Techie #1. A full-time web developer who is itching to resign to focus on building his own projects. Likes to invest on crypto-related games and assets. Was adopted by Kumo to do the smart contracts.


Techie #2. Previously worked as a full-stack developer but fell down the crypto rabbit hole, specifically NFTs. Lost her way to Kumo's World to help with front-end design and lick all candy buildings in Harajuku.


Techie #3. Washed up dev who doesn’t really like his full time job. Was then adopted by Kumo to help with Discord bots, web3 and other front end scripts


Mod, lore writer, bard! A phoenix in the crypto space risen from the ashes of the trad tech world. She is leaning into the fullness of her creative and tech savvy brain and wants to share the best of what she has to offer in Kumo’s World. Let’s go, brave explorers!


Jakezam joined the crypto space in May 2020 and bought just in time for everything to dump. Instead of just holding, he decided to put his money to work by exploring DeFi and NFTs. This led to his fateful meeting with Kumo in the 0N1Force discord and the start of his journey as co-writer of Lore with Leesah and faithful Kumod. Let’s get this bread, Kumonites.

We want to make Kumo's world accessible for all age groups and also to show that it is not just a JPEG that you are purchasing when you adopt a Kumo Resident.

Future Roadmap Summary

First children's storybook NFT
Introduce KxW coin
Unisex merch for all age groups.
Collab with other projects.
Take the expeditions to IRL adventure events.

Future Future Roadmap

RPG game with your Kumo Residents

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kumo x World going to be another generative project?
Kumo x World is a part generative part non-generative project.
What makes Kumo x World different?
Our project works similar to live RPG during the expedition events. Similar to living in the story where your actions can influence the story! It’s interactive and community focused. We aim to grow the community organically through team work during expedition challenges. Currently all this happens in the discord #expedition and #expedition-chat channels. As the participating explorers grow, we will perhaps move to a more suitable platform.
Why are you selling residents during the expeditions?
During the expedition, explorers will discover 3 new residents. These residents are the 3 rarest of the classes they are from. Why? Because Kumo would like to reward those who support and actively participate in the expeditions. Also prevents whale explorers from bulk minting only for rarest, then dumping the rest which will impacts the floor price of the residents post reveal. It also gives the rest of the explorers a chance to own a rare through active participation in the discord and expeditions.
How is this project part generative and part non generative?
The residents discovered during the expedition are non-generative, each are drawn from scratch by hand, hence most rare. Then there will a main drop of residents which are also hand drawn, but generated through code.
How many Kumos will be available to mint?
30 Kumos will be available during the expedition. There will be 6616 Kumos that will be available during the main drop. We will reserve 50 for giveaways. Total supply: 6,586.
When will the main drop happen?
When all the residents have been revealed the main drop will be very soon after. It will happen on 11th November 11:11:11 GMT+0000. We also don’t want to rush through things as we have seen many hiccups in previous projects with their contracts, so we are trying to mitigate any issues which may arise during minting.
What will the minting cost be?
0.06eth + gas fees.
Will there be collaborations with other artists?
Yes, but the artists are TBC.
More about the project and future plans?
Kumo’s World is a fantastical place where you control the story. Go on adventures with the other explorers and discover the hidden gems the world of Kumo!

Here, you can let your inner child free and just be yourself without judgment.

We hold expeditions in our discord that are like text version of RPG, where the story follows the explorers actions. They have set challenges to overcome and with each challenge, they grow stronger as a team.

There will be factions where grouped resident classes will compete against each other in World leagues, as well as pets with special powers that can open up different realms for more adventures in unknown parts of world. A new currency kxwCoins will be in circulation post drop. These coins are only available through taking part in the leagues, explorations and community events. Shops will open in the future where the coins can be exchanged for items/pets.

Future roadmap includes children story books, merch, collabs with other similar projects, live events and many others to come!